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3# Candle Binary Optios Strategy

Binary Options High/Low


Submit By Janus Trader 03/06/2013



Time Frame 15 min or higher.

Binary options Strategy Rules

1. Find the third candle

2. Enter your trade at the start of the third

candle and wait that candle closed.


-Identify the current trend.

(For example: use 50SMA or 100sMA to

identify the current trend. If the price is above

the SMA – the current trend is up or opposite)

You may also use a Stochastic indicator with

parameters 5.3.3 to filter your trades. If the

direction of the stochastic is opposite of your 1st

and 2nd candles it is better not to trade at that

moment and wait for the next “1st candle figure”.

-Open a 60 min chart or other time Frame and find the “first


The First Candle” is between two

candles, and it is the highest or the lowest of

those three candles.

Look at the chart below: read more

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