30. May 2014
MT4 update. With transition of of many FOREX brokers on MT4-Build-600 and is higher, at many Traders has appeared problem with installation of the user indicators, scripts, advisers. Here the instruction how manually to establish yours files. How to Install: Now Yours files need to be established on the following path. C:\Users\User_account_name\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal \DDB0FFA3D9748AFCCE67690\MQL4\ Further all is simple. We open MQL4 a folder and copied our files in Corresponding...
13. February 2014
There are many problems with windows 8 and 8.1 and new version of Metarader 4 and 5.
27. December 2013
Simple rules , to compile forex strategies, to be sent to Forex Strategies Resources. 1. Small description of forex strategy (optional). 2.Time Frame. 3. Markets, Currency pairs. 4. Forex Indicators. 5. Rules of forex strategy. 6. Buy and Sell 7. Exit position. 8. Money management (optional).
20. October 2013
This site has been submitted under black SEO attack. We have done so to take all necessary steps. We thank all our readers and contributors for support. FSR
31. August 2013
The files decompiled, now, do not work on Metatrader 4 and 5. Admin
13. August 2013
Important news from mql4 http://forum.mql4.com/56885 read:At the moment, we are doing a huge amount of work preparing for MetaTrader 4 client terminal's upgrade. Here are some upcoming changes: Complete replacement of MQL4 language and MetaEditor 4 with common MQL5 and MetaEditor components Instead of working on MQL4 -> MQL5 compatibility, we have decided to go the opposite way. We have transferred the maximum possible amount of MQL5 language functions and features fully preserving MQL4...
19. July 2013
Submit by James UK 19/07/2013 Money management is extremely important to being a successful trader. Without it, you will rarely succeed in the long run. With your paid subscription, we will give our traders specific guidelines that should be followed according to their account balance. As a rule of thumb, it is generally a good guideline to never trade more than 10% of your account capital. When in a trade, you should never risk to lose more than 5 to 8% (absolute maximum) of your account...
03. June 2013
Submit By Janus Trader 03/06/2013 Markets:Any Time Frame 15 min or higher. Binary options Strategy Rules 1. Find the third candle 2. Enter your trade at the start of the third candle and wait that candle closed. -Identify the current trend. (For example: use 50SMA or 100sMA to identify the current trend. If the price is above the SMA – the current trend is up or opposite) You may also use a Stochastic indicator with parameters 5.3.3 to filter your trades. If the direction of the stochastic is...
10. May 2013
joy22, Maximo Trader and Janus Trader traders are preparing a new website section dedicated to strategies for binary options. Work in progress. FSR admin
25. April 2013
Stochastic trading method Submit by MJ 25/04/2013 This is very profitable scalping system where you don’t have to think at all. This is strategy is a Stochastic Trading Method MTF for scalping in tyhe forex markets. Currency Pairs: EUR/USD and GBP/USD Indicator: the Stochastic Indicator will do it for you. Timeframe: 5min chart Indicator: Stochastic – parameters 13/8 Read more

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