Forex Combo System Review

Forex Combo System - Forex Robot (Expert Advisors)

Forex Combo System

Our rating 5/5


The new version is realiased with new optimized setting for better performance and lower drawdown.

Forex Combo Features:

Forex Combo incorporates four different Strategies. Read more.

The Strategies are:

  • Cost: $299;

  • Setup: 1 click installer;

  • Guarantee: 60 days 100% Money Back;

  • Currencies supported: Multiple;

  • Private Members Area Access;

  • 24/7 Support;

  • Lifetime Updates;

  • 2 Live and Unlimited Demo Accounts.


1: Scalping Strategy

Scalping works because it matches high success probability trades with low risk. A consistent small-spread strategy slowly adds profitable trades boosting overall return. The Forex Combo System uses a scalping strategy that analyzed market trends to deliver trades with a high-probability of success.

This strategy have

2: Trend Strategy

Currency markets offer clear, easily tracked data that can be analyzed in real-time. This data is visualized as trends that can be used for accurate market predictions. Most successful traders use sophisticated Trend Detection strategies to earn the bulk of their profits. The Forex Combo System helps you profit by accurately watching for tell-tale market signs that signal sustained and profitable trends.

3: CounterTrend Strategy

Explosive profits occur when the market trend reverses and creates large pip spread opportunities. Forex Combo System captures deep market corrections at the exact instant the current trends are exhausted. The key is to be able to predict when the market will reverse. This is subtle science requiring thousands of lightning fast calculations.



4: Range Strategy

Almost any trader can make money when the Forex market is trending predictably up or down. However, 50% of all trading activity happens when the market is in a non-trending state. The Forex Combo System uses a powerful algorithm to detect a non-trending market and adjusts it's trade detection accordingly.


Recommended money management:

fixed lot 0,10;

initital deposit 1000 $;

2% risk per deal;

With this EA it’s possible to encounter 5-6 consecutive losses.

The new version of Combo System is improved compared to the previous year.

is more balanced and the drawdown appears to be lower


Live performance report verified by MyFxbook.


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