64# Scalper Channel with Filter Trend

Channel Scalper

Submit by joy22


Time Frame :5 min.



Forex Indicators:

Channel Scalper

Filter Trend (Set filter Trend 15 min time frame)

Bollinger Bands (25, 2).


Long Entry:

Channel Scalper buy confirmed by filter Trend Green. Not Entry Long if the bar entry close outside the upper band but wait retracement inside bar for buy.

Short entry:

Channel Scalper sell confirmed by filter Trend Red.Not Entry Long if the bar entry close outside the Lower band but wait retracement inside bar for sell.


Exit Position

When Channel Scalper change position.

Place Stop Loss 10- 12 pips

Profit Target: 6 pips AUD/USD, 8 pips, EUR/USD, 10 pips GBP/USD



In the pictures Channel Scalper forex system in action.


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channel scalper trading
channel scalper trading system is based channel indicator, filtered by a filter indicator.
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