341# Torgo modified with QQE Alert Trading System

Submit by Janus Trader 23/05/2012


Time Frame H1

Currency pairs:any






SSL fast

Heken Ashi Kuskus.3

QQE alert

Long Entry

QQE Arrow buy confirmed by Torgo 1 and 3 Blue


Short Entry

QQE Arrow sell confirmed by Torgo 1 and 3 Red

Exit position at the QQE opposite alert or with predetermined profit target.(20-40 pips)

Stop loss at previous swing.

Torgo trading system

Torgo modified
Forex Trading System
Torgo modified.rar
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    Mary W (Tuesday, 30 December 2014 10:44)

    Hey..thanks for sharing this,looks awesome. The only problem is that the QQE arrow alerts aren't appearing. I successfully loaded all the indicators and the templates but i can't see any arrows..Need some help on that kindly..