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17# Candlestick patterns metatrader indicator

Candlestick indicator


Submit by Buddy 02/13/2014


Candlestick patterns metatrader indicator is a completre tools.

List of the Candlestick patterns:


pin bar

morning star,

morning doji star,

dragonffly doji,

abandoned baby,

three inside up,


three outside up,

three white solidiers,


abaodned baby bear,

evening star,

three inside down,

three outside down

dark cloud cover,

gravestone doji,

Hangig man.

Feartures candle patterns indicator:

Moving Average 100 (settable);

Env period 50 (settable);

dev (0.25 settable);

Bullish reversal, Bullish continuation, Bearish reversal, Bearish continuation, (settables);

Bullish (color Blue);

Bearish (color Red);

Neutral withe.



Recommended setting:

Time Frame 4H or daily Time Frame.

Markets any.

Moving Average 13 periods and Env period 10.


Happy Trading


Candle patterns
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Candlestick Patterns
Candlestick Patterns
Candlestick Patterns
Candlestick Patterns

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