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After a lot of research, reading excellent basics at babypips and experimenting with various systems, I have finally implemented a forecasting system based on Neural Networks. Neural networks based systems are proven in financial forecasting and in general in learning patterns of a non-linear systems.


I believe strongly that forex market is a non-linear system which is difficult to model. But one good thing of forex market is that it represents some patterns which when known can be applied in making trading decisions. Proof of this concept is technical analysis and theories that are widely used by traders in identifying these patterns. This makes neural networks a better tool for forex market as neural networks are know their ability of learning unknown processes and forecast the patterns of the process ahead.

Lets get to the main point. In this thread I would describe the working of the system I have developed rather than the system itself as it is a long way to explain. The system is basically a time-series-forecasting system, which means we give as input information about current Bar and the system would give out information about Bars in future. I am sure now you are thinking if its really possible and if so what are the actual inputs and what are the actual outputs. I would strongly suggest the reader to go through the basics of neural networks before reading further.

An Introduction to Neural Networks forecasting


Note: The system is optimized and targeted to trade on EURUSD 15min chart



EMA(t) - EMA (t-1)

EMA(t-1) - EMA (t-2)

EMA(t-2) - EMA (t-3)









1H EMA(t)

1H EMA(t-1)


EMA(t) - EMA(t+1)

EMA(t+1) - EMA(t+2)

EMA(t+2) - EMA(t+3)


where t means current time or Bar. As you see, we give the difference of the past three EMA of the 15min chart Bars, past two indicator values of RSI, %R, MACD, Stochastic and past two EMA difference of 1H chart Bars. The system will be able to forecast and output the future 3 EMA difference of 15min chart Bars. How is this able to forecast is hard to explain (may be I will start a second thread), but for now you should consider the system is able to do so as it has been trained on several past data (3-6 months). The system for now consists of an indicator and an include file (both attached at the end). I would be showing some examples how it can be used to detect the patterns of forex market and make trading decisions.


Dashed Aqua blue line (bottom most): EMA 5 bar

Yellow line: Forecasted EMA(t+1) / output 1 of neural network

Green Yellow line:Forecasted EMA(t+2) / output 2 of neural network

Gold line (top most):Forecasted EMA(t+3) / output 3 of neural network

In the figure above it is clear from the forecast lines that the trend is going to be Bullish eventhough the current EMA shows Bearish trend. This is a kind of lead indicator.




1) All three forecasts
significantlyabove current EMA

2) RSI trending up from below 50 level and about or crossed 50 upwards

3) Stochastic Main > Signal and trending up from over sold region

4) Optional: MACD going negative to positive



Neuro Trend
Neuro trend.rar
compressed file archive 20.6 KB
Neurotrend: Sell
Neurotrend: Sell


1) All three forecasts
significantlybelow current EMA

2) RSI trending down from above50 level and about or crossed 50 downwards

3) Stochastic Main < Signal and trending down from overbought region

4) Optional: MACD going positive to negative




Please read the Instructions.txt file in the zip file attached below. A step by step procedure to install the NeuroTrend is documented in the file. If you find difficulty in installation do not hesitate to ask me......

Finally I would like to say that have fun with the system and if you like it do comment. If you have ideas or suggestions to apply it or adapt it, share it in this thread. My main aim in making it open to this forum is to get experts suggestions and improve it and learn from the experience of its applications.....of course also earn a couple of bucks hehehehe

Note: Due to file attachment limitation, the actual files are zipped to NeuroTrendv1.0


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    Philip (Wednesday, 17 February 2021 15:18)

    Trying to load this indicator, does anybody know where the file goes in the MQL file structure?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Philip (Wednesday, 17 February 2021 11:49)

    Hi, I have tried to set this up in MT4 as per the instructions but the data folders you state to not match mine. The Include and the Files folders are not under the Expert folder. These folders exist only under the MQL4 folder.
    Can you please clarify how the indicators should be added into exactly which folders please.

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    wilz (Sunday, 31 May 2020 22:30)


    was wondering if u could teach me how to train neural network, similar to what u are doing?

    digitalsolvers At gmail

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    fanando (Wednesday, 12 June 2019 16:01)

    Good day
    please sent me the indicator,my email ;

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    Gopi (Saturday, 27 October 2018 19:48)

    Hi.. I am unable to run the EXE file in MT4.

    Let me know how to run this program
    Thank you in advance,


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    Daniel Carter (Monday, 02 July 2018 18:50)

    my email is plz contact me asap

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    Daniel Carter (Monday, 02 July 2018 13:33)

    HELLO how are you I wanna say im very interested and impressed with this indicator best ive come across so far in my search for NN to add to my trading system. I would like to speak with you about hiring you to alter and add some components for use with my trading system. plz let me know when available

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    john (Saturday, 18 March 2017 12:46)

    Neural Networks is probabilistic trading!!!

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    Carter (Thursday, 31 December 2015 10:26)

    Hi, thanks for sharing this. A question about the input for training:
    The indicator is majorly using M15 data for training. Each 1 hour bar contains 4 M15 bars, for a particular M15 bar, the corresponding 1 hour EMA 1HEMA(t) may have already contained future information. For example, in the training history data, if the open time of the current M15 bar is 12:00, then the corresponding 1H bar will contain the future Close information at 1:00. If we use this 1H bar information in training to predict the next bar of the M15 bar, isnt it like we predict the future using the future information (as we have already known the future when making the prediction)? How do you address this training problem? Thanks a lot. My email is

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    scott (Tuesday, 29 December 2015 20:16)

    Unable to load program into:
    MT4 Version: 4.00 Build: 940 Dec 11/2015