8# e-stochastic EA

Expert Advisor e-Stochastic for EUR/CHF daily

Submit by Leroy 04/02/2012


FREE Expert Advisor e-Stochastic Conception:

e-StochFree MetaTrader4 expert advisor based on Stochastic Oscillator and Overbought/Oversold levels.


FREE Expert Advisor e-Stochastic Rules:

Buy when Stochastic Oscillator (main line) falls below Oversold level (e.g., 20) and then rises above that level.

Sell when the Stochastic Oscillator rises above Overbought level (e.g., 80) and then falls below that level.


FREE Expert Advisor e-Stochastic Parameters:

AccDigits = 5; //set 4 for 4-digit quotes; set 5 if your broker provides 5-digit quotes

Lots = 1.0; //lots volume

StopLoss = 100; //StopLoss value, pips (0 = no StopLoss)

TakeProfit = 100; //TakeProfit value, pips (0 = no TakeProfit)

Slippage = 3; //max. allowable slippage value, pips

Magic = 20091107; //some unique ID of the expert

--- Stochastic ---

Stoch.Kperiod = 5; //Stochastic %K line period

Stoch.Dperiod = 3; //Stochastic %D line period

Stoch.slowing = 3; //Stochastic slowing value

Stoch.method = MODE_SMA; //MA method: MODE_SMA, MODE_EMA, MODE_SMMA or MODE_LWMA

Stoch.price_field = 0; //price field parameter: 0 - Low/High or 1 - Close/Close

Stoch.SignalBar = 1; //0 - get Stochastic signal from open bar; 1 - get Stochastic signal from closed bar

Stoch.OverboughtLevel = 80.0; //Stochastic Overbought level

extern double Stoch.OversoldLevel = 20.0; //Stochastic Oversold level

--- Trailing ---

TrailingOn = true; //use trailing true/false

TrailingStart = 30; //trailing stoploss size, pips

TrailingSize = 30; //min. profit value to activate the trailing, pips


e-stochastic ea
e-stochastic ea


In the picture above e-stochastic EA in action.

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    marc foissier (Saturday, 24 May 2014 11:21)

    cette ea semble bien mais une fois chargé sur la carte il ne s'affiche pas marche t il que sur 1 heure merci pour la reponse cordialement forex@orange.fr
    this ea seems but once loaded on the card it does not appear that it does work 1 hour cordially thank you for the answer forex@orange.fr

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