1# Pin Bar (Price action stratey) Trading System

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A Pin Bar is a candlestick pattern where the body of the candlestick is very small and has a very long wick.  There are two types of Pin Bars a Bullish Pin Bar and a Bearish Pin Bar.

A Bullish Bar is represented by a small body at the top and a long wick below, this indicates that price was sold down by the bears and then immediately bought straight back up by the 


Bulls. In a perfect world the close is above the open for a bullish pattern and no wick at the top of the body. The opposite of this is true for a bearish pattern.

How to trade

Locate support and resistance levels on the forex chart

  • Look for pin bars at resistance highs and support lows

  • Go long at support levels after a pin bar has formed

  • Go short at resistance levels after a pin bar has formed

  • Enter a trade at the halfway point of the pin bar

  • Place stop loss above the pin bar

  • Risk to reward: 3 to 1


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Pin Bar Forex Strategies