27# Inside Bar Pullback Forex Trading System

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Time Frame 15 or Higher

Currency Pairs: all.


16 EMA,

32 EMA,

Inside Bar



We can trade any pullback after the 16-EMA has crossed the 32-EMA (not just the first pullback).

We only trade a single candle/bar pattern during the pullbacks.

The pattern we follow is what we call the Inside Bar (or ‘IB’).

The IB occurs when the current candle fits inside the entire previous candle. In other words, the current candles high must be lower than the previous candles high; and the current candles low must be higher than the previous candles low.

This System is the most low-risk . The IB is usually relatively small and so our stoploss is almost always very small too.


We buy on any pullback into the EMAs (after they have crossed) AND we get an Inside Bar (or ‘IB’).

To enter:

- We BUY when the high of the IB is broken (for a buy trade).

- We SELL when the low of the IB is broken (for a sell trade).



Below low of pullback (for a buy) or above high of pullback (for a sell).ptions:

Take Profit

Depending on how quickly you want to realise profits (or if you are naturally a “trend-follower” and don’t mind having a few extra losers so you can grab that huge pip-run) – there are a couple of take-profit options:

#1 – Take profit at 1:1. So, if your initial stoploss is 15 pips, then take your profit at 15 pips too.

#2 - Exit on first close below 16-EMA (for a buy) or first close above 16-EMA (for a sell).

Inside Bar

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