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179# Brain Trend Trading System

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V. How To Use BrainTrading System

BrainTrading System indicator package includes four main independently calculated indicators: BrainTrend1,BrainTrend1Stop, BrainTrend2, BrainTrend2Stop and four auxiliary indicators

used for pictorial presentation of main indicators:BrainTrend1SigBrainTrend1StopLine, BrainTrend2Sig, BrainTrend2StopLine.

BrainTrend1 and BrainTrend2 are market “DIRECTION” indicator. It shows trend direction by colors, when the market changes to or stays in an up-trend, the bars become or remain BLUE. When the market changes to or stays in a downtrend, the bars become or remain RED. When the market goes sideways or is not strong on either side, the bars become or remain GREEN. BrainTrend1 andBrainTrend2 indicators can work with any time bar charts.

IMPORTANT! Don’t use BrainTrend1 and BrainTrend2 indicators on one chart at the same time.

You need to use BrainTrend1 indicator as main on all charts and use BrainTrend2 as confirmative

indicator in separate chart window.


To see manual

In the pictures Brain Trend forex system in action.

Brain trend Manual
Forex Trading System
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Brain Trading
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