227# Extreme Scalping Forex Trading System

Buy Zone Sell Zone

Submit by Maximo Trader 16/07/2012


 Time Frame 15min or higher.

Currency pairs:any.

Metatrader indicators:

MA 1444 HLC/3 (with envelope level 150, 300, -150, -300)

Sell Zone Fib

Assistent Scalping with Slope 7


Buy Zone MA 1444 ( above level 150 medium buy; above 300 level strong buy);

Buy Zone MA 1444 ( below level -150 medium buy; below -300 level strong buy)

Long Entry

  1. Price in Buy Zone

  2. Slope Crosses up


Short Entry

  1. Price in Buy Zone

  2. Slope Crosses up


Stop loss 5 pips below or above Sell Zone fib.

Profit target 6-15 pips depends on the currency.


In attach also original version


In the picture Extreme Scalping Forex Trading System in action.

227 Scalping Extreme trading system
227 Scalping Extreme.rar
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Original version (from CariGoldforum)


In this version setup ma envelope is:               

MA 1444 HLC/3 (with envelope level 35, 75, -35, -70)  (http://www.carigold.com/portal/forums/showthread.php?t=33868)


metatrader trend_template_on daily_to assist_1minut
trend_template_on daily_to assist_1minut
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