304# Binary System NiT M1 – M5 V2

Linear Regressiom for Binary Trading

Trading Emperor Alerts

Author Nitson Martinez

Submit by FernadezFX

Binary System NiT M1 – M5 V2 is a trend momentum trading system for Bianry Option High/Low but also for trading in the Forex market.

Time Frame 1-5 min Binary options High/Low

Time Frame 5 min, 15 min, 30 min and 60 min for Forex trading.

Currency pairs: majors and minors.

Expiry time 1 min 5 candles.


5 min 1-3 candles.

Metatrader 4 indicators

Zeus arrow SNR,

Xard FX Meter,

Multi trend signal,

Profittable Strategy 9,

Slidings Channel,

Stochastic oscillator Bar,

Symbol and Changer V5

Trading Emperor Alerts

WT Reloja vela

AM Trading.

WT SR Redondos.

Trading rules System Trading NiT M1 – M5 V2

It is a model that, since I have used it in my operations and so far I have

obtained good results, nothing is modified or copied by another person, it is

clearly real.


There are two ways to do this and both ways I'll teach you results.

There are 2 types of arrows in the model:

Trading Emperor_Alerts.

Candles: ………………. 1m

Deadline:….…. 5 minutes

am trading.

Candles: ………………. 5m

Deadline:….…. 5min or more

The trades are executed in favor of the trend and that is in a

position of support and resistance, taking into account the other indicators

which helps us to further confirm our notice, for example: XardMeter, Multi trend signal.

It is my way of operating and I have had good results,

I share because I think that together we can help each other and maybe if

someone find another way to improve our results would be goodinteract, confirm first in the demo until you find the best% of profits and you can see if you like and adapt.


Trading Example Binary Options

Binary System NiT M1 – M5 V2
Binary System NiT M1 – M5 V2
Binary System NiT M1 – M5 V2
Binary System NiT M1 – M5 V2
Binary System NiT M1 – M5 V2
Binary System NiT M1 – M5 V2
Binary System NiT M1 – M5 V2
Binary System NiT M1 – M5 V2
Binary System NiT M1 – M5 V2
Binary System NiT M1 – M5 V2
Binary System NiT M1 – M5 V2
Binary System NiT M1 – M5 V2
Binary System NiT M1 – M5 V2
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Comments: 3
  • #3

    Neo Carnage (Monday, 04 October 2021 21:33)

    kindly provide TradingEmperor_Alerts mq4 / source fine.

  • #2

    amr hassan (Friday, 04 September 2020 23:35)

    arros repainting???

  • #1

    Victor (Tuesday, 01 September 2020 05:50)

    Hi, thank for the strategy. do you have the TradingEmperor_Alerts source file?

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