307# Boost Forex Strategy

Support and Resistance Strategy

Price action with momentum

Submit by Dimitri


Boost Forex Strategy is trading system based on the support and resistance filtered by DynamicTtraders Index. This forex strategy is suitable also for Binary Options.

This strategy can be used in two ways: aggressive and conservative.

Aggressive =:You enter a position when the arrow appears on a support or resistance.

Conservative: You enter the position when the arrow appears but you expect the crossover of the green line with the red line of the Dynamic Traders Index.

Time Frame 1 or higher.

Currecy pairs: any.

Expiry time for binary Options 5 candles.

Metatrader 4 Indicators

In main chart

Support and resistance indicators.



Candle time


Trader Dynamic Index with RSI (period 5, close).

Trading Rules Boost Forex Strategy

Buy or Call

Buy arrow above support

Traders Dynamic Index green line crosses upward red line.

Sell or put

Sell arrow below resistance

Traders Dynamic Index green line crosses upward red line.

Exit position

Initial stop loss above/below the support or resistance zone.

Profit target near next SR zone or ratio stop loss 1:1.3.


In the pictures Boost Forex Strategy in action.

Boost Forex Strategy
Boost Forex Strategy
Boost Forex Strategy
Boost Forex Strategy
Boost Forex Strategy
Boost Forex Strategy
Boost Forex Strategy
Boost Forex Strategy
Boost Forex Strategy
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