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Bearish Pattern
Bearish Pattern

At point B, the price again makes a smaller impulse opposite to that of A. Ideally, the retracement BC should be between 61.8% and 78.6% of the AB price range, regardless of the the length of the lines. This percentage is shown by segment AC. At C, the price again makes a reversal impulse opposite to that of B. In this pattern, again as stated by Fibonacci ratios, the retracement CD should be between 127% and 161.8% of the range BC, and this proportion is shown along the line BD.

Gartley Metatrader Indicator

Gartley Metatrader Indicator
Gartley Metatrader Indicator
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Price D is the optimal point for buying or selling. At entry D the target retracement to a higher price is initially 61.8% of the range of segment CD. The movement from point D to its next point is extremely profitable. Moves from point D are very quick and powerful, and they follow this model accurately 60% or more of the time.

Here are the key points to remember for Gartleys:

  • Ideally, AB equals CD in time length.

  • Point D is a 62-72% pullback from XA.

  • XD should ideally be 78.6% of the segment range XA.

  • Ideally CD equals AB.

  • Take action at point D.

The condition in which these patterns can be found depends on whether they are bullish or bearish:

  • Bullish Gartleys occur in uptrends.

  • Bearish Gartleys occur in downtrends.

Figure 6 demonstrates the bullish Gartley at work. And Figure 7 shows the bearish Gartley:

Gartley Reversal Auto Metatrader Indicator
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Both of these channeling techniques provide traders with a reliable way to locate breakout points and determine their scope. When using these patterns in conjunction with basic channeling rules, traders have access to a reliable and extremely versatile trading system to use in any market conditions.



Fx Elliott Wave Metatrader Indicator
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The Gartley Pattern
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