11# daily 20 pips Trading System

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• Calculation of daily Pivot Point. (PP)

• Calculation of corresponding Trade Entry Levels. (BuyA, BuyB, SellA, SellB)

• Mod’s Basic System (used for the website signals)

• Presentation of Trade Entry method options.

• Discussion of the Trade Time Window.

• Presentation of Trade Entry rules by method.

• Discussion of variations to the “basic” rules.

• Setup of MetaTrader4. (Indicators, ExpertAdvisers, etc.)

• Appendices (future)

Calculation of Daily Pivot:

This calculation is made at the new day of your broker/chart. Mod’s broker is GMT+3

(during Daylight Savings time, +2 when in Standard time.) You may have different

times, or slightly different numbers with your broker at the same time, so you have

to allow a little variance. In any case, the PP calc is to be done after the close of a day.

Trader feedback has indicated that these differences are minor, and while may

introduce slightly different trade results on a day-to-day basis, there is virtually no

long-term difference in Win/Loss percentages.

The calculation is conventional and very simple:

Determine the High, Low, and Close of the previous day.

PP = (H + L + C) / 3

Calculation of the Trade Entry Levels:

There are four Trade Entry Levels calculated, based on the Pivot Point:

BuyA = PP + 21

BuyB = PP + 41


SellA = PP – 21

SellB = PP – 41


Mod uses a simple “Follow-the-Price” system, applied at the new day. Mod will

determine two things, and two things only:

• Trade Direction (Buy or Sell)

• Entry Level (Either BuyA or SellA, depending on TradeDirection above)

His determining factor is the market price compared to the calculated Pivot Price at

new day.

If Market > PP, then the signaled trade is a BUY.

If Market < PP, then the signaled trade is a SELL.

Entry Level will always** be at PointA.

** the Level B entries discussed below are considered an advanced strategy. Mod

deals ONLY with price at new day. It is virtually mathematically impossible for the

Market price at new day to be 41 pips (or more) above the calculated PivotPoint, so

his signals will never be a PointB entry.

This is the simple, basic, and “safe” system. It is recommended that one master this

system before moving on to the more advanced trades covered below.

Trade Entry Methods:

There are two methods of entering a trade by the D20p system. (Well, maybe three,

if you use the SimpleEA…see the Variations section.)

1. “Follow-the-Price” (FTP) method. This is what is considered the basic, and

safest, method.

To see Manual.

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    FSR (Friday, 24 May 2024 19:21)

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    Can this be used for any chart?

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