14# Pivots Levels, Ema Channel and MACD Trading System

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Intraday Strategy (Simple and effective! One of the best)

This Scalping tactic is simple,It uses  Fibopivot indicator, Ema Channel and MACD.

Currency pairs: any
Timeframe: H1;

Channel EMA 8 (8 EMA close. 8 EMA Low);

MACD (12; 26, 9);

Fibopivot2 or any pivot indicator;

Buying signals if is a closure of the price  above a pivot level, the price, is > of EMA channel and line of the MACD is< of the histogram.

Sellingsignals if is a closure of the price  below a pivot level,the price, is < of EMA channel and line of the MACD is > of the histogram.


Stop Loss

For buy 5-7 pips below the Ema channel;

For Sell 5-7 pips above the Ema channel.


Profit Target

1 On the pivot level or 10-16 pips.


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Trading System: pivot points levels and ema channel.
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