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29# Daily Fibo Intraday Strategy

Fibo trend intraday

Moving averages with fibo pivot levels

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This method is very profitablethe method you can make make from 900 up to 2000 pips per month.
After reading this, you will discover that Forex trading is a very simple thing, but it is easy to be understood.

This strategy is based on Fibo pivot point and three moving averages.

Time Frame 30 min and 60 min.


Currency pairs: majors, Indices and Gold.

Metatraders indicators:
1-exponential moving average 7 period,close (yellow line).
2-exponential moving average 15 period,close (red).
3-exponential moving average 90 period,close (white)
4-daily pivot fibo

Trading Rules daily fibo intraday strategy
1. We determine the trend of EMA 90 if the price is above this line, the basic trend is upward, and we open positions only on the long signals. If the price is below this line, the underlying downtrend, and we open only short positions.
2. We use crossing the 7 EMA and 15 EMA to determine the entry point, we do not enter immediately after crossing, but waiting for test price level 7 EMA and only then enter the market.
3. We use the daily pivot fibo to determine the exit point, we enter on the first level, which is suitable to us, or earlier. For example, the author recommends to close a profitable position before the publication of important news.
4. Use stop loss of 25-35 pips depends by pairs.
5. Entrance on very large candles on the news and on the weekends and holidays are not recommended.


This is a winning strategy.

In the pictures Daily Fibo Intraday Strategy in action.

Daily Fibo Intraday Strategy
Daily Fibo Intraday Strategy
Daily Fibo Intraday Strategy
Daily Fibo Intraday Strategy
Daily Fibo Intraday Strategy
Daily Fibo Intraday Strategy

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Daily Fibo Intraday Strategy
Daily Fibo Intraday Strategy
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