11# Renko Scalping with vsa Trading System

Renko with Volume Spread Analysis

Submit by Joy22 (Written by Canuckct) 31/12/2011


I time my entry using M2 and a 4 pip renko. Those two charts must be in agreement....after price crosses the 10sma, the open of the next bar is where I enter when I believe that the price is starting to move.

The swingman indicator is there as a visual only as sometimes I have a hard time reading immediate price action and I have a bias for movement. This helps me get rid of that.

Once I'm in a trade, I like to ride the 10sma on the renko chart....when it crosses back I'm out. 

Here is a trade I just closed....and is typical of the trades I'm looking for...although M5 doesn't always seems to be as abvious as this trade.

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Renko Scalping wih VSA
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