293# Support and Resistance Scalping

Scalping Trading System

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This is a scalping trading system based on static support and resistance.

Time Frame 5 min or 15 min.

Currency pairs:any.


Support and resistance scalping metatrader indicators:

Great Support and Resistance FX, indicator,

Fibo pivot 3, indicator,

Bands Modified (deviations 2.0) indicator.


The Rules for for Support and Resistance scalping are easy.


Wait the price breaks lower bands and touches the support line, after entry buy at open next bar.


Wait the price breaks upper bands and touches the resistance line, after entry sell at open next bar.


Exit position

At the levels of the Fibonacci pivots.

Profit Target predetermined, depends by time frame and currency, or ratio 1:1 stop loss.

Stop lossfor buy 3 pips above the lower bands.

Stop loss for sell 3 pips below the upper bands.



In the pictures Support and Resistance Scalpingin action.

Support and Resistance Scalping
Support and Resistance Scalping
Support and Resistance Scalping
Support and Resistance Scalping


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