46# Bollinger Bands MTF alerts

Project Reaper BB MTF

Interesting Bolliger Bands Indicator MT4

Submit by Dimitri


Project Reaper Bollinger Bands MTF alerts is an intersting Bollinger Bands MT4 indicator that can be used alone or with other indicators.


The main feature of this indicator is to send multi type 4 time frame alerts to the bollinger bands. The types of revenue are as follows:

outside bollinger bands range

breakout bollinger bands

fake breakout

Break in bollinger bands.

Indicator project Reaper Bollinger Bands MTF alerts setting

Bands periods 20 deviation 1.5

logic entry:

outside bollinger bands range ( current price out of BB range ),

breakout bollinger bands (first signal candle, the classic scheme of logic ),

fake breakout (fake breakout so when the candle break BB range and the next candle is closing in the range back ),

break in bollinger bands (this is break in signal from outside bb range to the middle prices inverted signals to follow the price breakouts ).

Time frame:

1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, H4, daily, w1.MN.

Draw arrows on chart.

Do not repaint.

Terminal Metatrader 4

In the pictures Bollinger Bands MTF alerts.

Bollinger Bands MTF alerts
Bollinger Bands MTF alerts
Bollinger Bands MTF alerts
Bollinger Bands MTF alerts
Bollinger Bands MTF alerts
Bollinger Bands MTF alerts
Bollinger Bands MTF alerts
Bollinger Bands MTF alerts
Bollinger Bands MTF alerts
Bollinger Bands MTF alerts
Bollinger Bands MTF alerts
Bollinger Bands MTF alerts
Project Reaper Bollinger Bands MTF alert
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