Bollinger Bands

 Bollinger Bands are volatility curves used to identify extreme highs or lows in relation to price. They establish trading parameters, or bands, above and below a moving average at a set number of standard deviations from this moving average. Both the length of the moving average and the number of standard deviations can be modified to fit the market.

Traders generally use Bollinger Bands to determine overbought and oversold zones, to confirm divergences between prices and

other  s and to project price targets. The wider the bands on a chart, the greater themarket volatility; the

narrower the bands, the less market volatility.

Some traders use Bollinger Bands in conjunction with another indicator such as theRelative Strength Index (RSI). If the price

touches the upper band and the RSI does not confirm the upward move (i.e. there is divergence between the indicators), a sell signal is generated. 


If the indicator confirms the upward move, no sell signal is generated  in fact, a buy signal may be indicated. If the price touches the lower band and the RSI does not confirm the downward move, a buy signal is generated. If the indicator confirms the downward move, no buy signal is generated  in fact, a sell signal may be indicated.

Another strategy uses Bollinger Bands without another indicator. In this approach, a chart top occurring above the upper band followed by a top below the upper band generates a sell signal. Likewise, a chart bottom occurring below the lower band followed by a bottom above the lower band generates a buy signal.

Bollinger Bands also help determine overbought and oversold markets. When prices move closer to the upper band, the market is becoming overbought; as the prices move closer to the lower band, the market is becoming oversold.

Price momentum should also be taken into account. You should always look for evidence of price weakening or strengthening before anticipating a market reversal.

Bollinger Bands
Bollinger Bands

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