169# Advanced Parabolic Sar V.2

CCI and Ribbon as filter

Trend Momentum Strategy with Parabolic Sar

Submit by Leandro



Advanced Parabolic Sar V.2 is a tren-momentum trading strategy based mainly on an advanced version of the classic Parabolic Sar indicator, in this case filtered by a slow CCI and a set of moving averages called ribbon. The trading system generates a signal when the buy / sell parabolic indication is confirmed by the CCI> <0 and by the bars that are greater or lesser than the ribbon, so they are quite reliable signals to trade both intraday and swing trading. The system tries to follow the trend so you have to try to avoid the lateral phases where it could give false signals despite the filter system that this strategy adopts is quite robust.

Time frame 15 min or higher.

Currency pairs: Minors, Majors, Commodities and Indices.


Metatrader 4 Indicators:

Ribbon (default setting).

Advanced Parabolic Sar (0.02, 0.02, 0.2).

CCI (period 50).

Pivot point levels (only for day trading).


Trading Rules Advanced Parabolic Sar V.2


Abvanced Parabolic Sar green dot.

Price close above the ribbon.

Slow CCI blue bar >0



Abvanced Parabolic Sar red dot.

Price close below the ribbon.

Slow CCI yellow bar <0


Exit options

At the levels of pivot points (intraday) or support and resistance for swing trading.


Profit Target ratio stop loss minimum 1:18 stop loss. Initial stop loss at the previous swing High/low.

In the pictures Advanced Parabolic Sar V.2 in action.

Advanced Parabolic Sar V.2
Advanced Parabolic Sar V.2
Advanced Parabolic Sar V.2
Advanced Parabolic Sar V.2
Advanced Parabolic Sar V.2
Advanced Parabolic Sar V.2
Advanced Parabolic Sar V.2
Advanced Parabolic Sar V.2

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Advanced Parabolic Sar V.2
Advanced Parabolic Sar V.2
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