192# Supertrend with EMA Channel

Supertrend indicator trading

Supertrend with EMA Channel is a pure trend following trading system based on the Super trend indicator filtered by a 200 period High / Low exponential moving average channel.

The purpose of this strategy is to always be on the side of the market, it succeeds quite well, because this is precisely the function of the filter based on the slow exponential moving average channel, and at the same time improves the profitability of the Supertrend.

Time Frame 10 min or higher.

Currency pairs: any.


200 EMA, High.

200 EMA, Low.

Supertrend (10, 3).

Trading Rules SuperTrend with EMA Channel

Trading only in the direction of the Trend.

Price above 200 EMA High= Up Trend.

Price below 200 EMA Low= Down Trend.


Candle  above 200 EMA High.

Supertrend line below  the price.


Candle below 200 EMA Low.

Supertrend line above the price.

Exit position

Place Initial Stop loss above/below the line of the Supertrend.

Profit target ratio stop loss 1:1.3 or at opposite signal.


Examples of trades

Supertrend with EMA Channel
Supertrend with EMA Channel
Supertrend with EMA Channel
Supertrend with EMA Channel
Supertrend with EMA Channel
Supertrend with EMA Channel
Supertrend with EMA Channel
Supertrend with EMA Channel
Supertrend with EMA Channel
Supertrend with EMA Channel
Supertrend with EMA Channel MT4 Template
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