191# Allitrend FX Non Repaint Strategy

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AlliTrend No repaint trading system is a strategy based on trending indicators and satured market indicators/reversal. That is only enter the market when the price is satured under long-term trend. The combination of two simple but very basic strategy in the market analysis.

Allitrend Indicators MT4:

.AlliTrend Pivot This is a Pivot level indicator that shows 3 levels of Support line and 3

levels of Resistance line and Pivot Point line located in the middle. Useful to know the existence of current price at the level ot‘support and Resistance. Briefly~ il‘the price is around the level 3 Support line means the price already OverSold and potentially the price will reverse so vice versa it‘the price around the level 3 Resistance line means the price is overBought.

Allitrend Midlle range , this is a modified Indicator of trend provide some important information such as current trends

current price range and possible spot reversal price line.

Trend Signal it is an indicator that provides infinmation on short term

saturated market provide information that the price is really saturated

when going into the market

Alli trend histo This is to support other indicators and gives visual presentation with a better overall market conditions in order to make it easier to analyze. Because this is amanual trading system and this is necessary.

Trading Rules Allitrend FX Non Repaint Strategy


The Trend Histogram shows UP Trend .

The previous price had touched crossed the bottom gray dot line .

Bottom Dot appears with the color is DodgerBlue at open next bar

Allitrend FX Non Repaint Strategy
Allitrend FX Non Repaint Strategy


The Trend Histogram shows a DOWN trend .

The previous price had touched crossed the top gray dot line.

Dot appears with the color is Orange and Open position waiting for bar closed.

Allitrend non  Repaint strategy
Allitrend non Repaint strategy

Take profit and stoploss

That is by drawing Take Prolit and Stoplpss when doing Open Position by utilizing the price range line from indicator AlliTrend midlle range. Every line is the levels

where you can put StopLoss and Take Prolit there. Set the policy in putting StopLoss and

Take Profit with a minimum ratio of 50:50.


Buy, stoploss is if line below the current low price then take profit at least if line above the

Open position price and viceversa with sell.

Exit at opposite dot and also at the square.

Allitrend FX Strategy
Allitrend FX Strategy
Allitrend FX Strategy
Allitrend FX Strategy

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Allitrend FX Strategy
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    Muhammad Ali Haider (Saturday, 22 January 2022 18:57)

    very helpfull

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    Bernardo Carvalho (Tuesday, 20 July 2021 01:29)

    Good Strategy

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