176# Raven Forex Strategy

Cobra System V.2

CCI Enty in trend

Submit by Dimitri

Raven Forex Strategy is a trend momentum strategy based on channel of moving averages, above the channel only buy, below the channel only sell, but the signal are generates by a combination of signals.

Description Raven System

Currency pairs:


Any, but preferably larger - EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY, USD / CAD, AUD / USD and other pairs with the US dollar.

Time Frame

M15, M30, H1, H4 (we advise against trading on the M5 or M1 time frame due to the high number of false signals!)

Warning! Orders must be opened on the next candle after the signal has been corrected (all the conditions described below coincide), because some indicators could be redrawn on the current spark plug.

Metatrader 4 Indicators:

T&C Wonders default setting price action indicator.

Heiken Ashi;

LWMA 20 periods with levels, close;

LWMA 60 period, close;

CCI Woodie (63 period, entry 5 period)

Trend indicator (default setting)

Trading rules Raven forex Strategy


Conditions for opening a purchase order:

T&C Wonders white arrow indicator

The bar closed over the MA channel

Heiken Ashi indicator in white

CCI_Woodies_Lnx_v6 indicator in white

white trend2 indicator

(all conditions must be met at the same time!)


Conditions for opening a sales order:

The red arrow of the T&C Wonders indicator

The bar closed under the MA channel

Heiken Ashi indicator in red

Indicator CCI_Woodies_Lnx_v6 red

red trend2 indicator

(all conditions must be met at the same time!)

Closed position:

The T&C Wonders indicator arrow appears in the opposite color.

Trend reversal in longer times.

It is advisable to use stop loss and take profit (at the next minimum / maximum levels) or trailing stops (optimally 15 points).

During the test of the EUR / USD strategy on the 240 min, a profit of 300 points and a stop loss of 50 points were used.

Note: if you are an expert you can enter on price retracement.


In the pictures Raven forex system in action.

Raven Forex Strategy
Raven Forex Strategy
Raven Forex Strategy
Raven Forex Strategy
Raven Forex Strategy
Raven Forex Strategy
Raven Forex Strategy
Raven Forex Strategy
Raven Forex Strategy
Raven Forex Strategy
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