289# Maringale Strategy with Awesome

Awesome with two moving averages

Awesome with two moving averages

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Maringale Strategy with Awesome is trading system for forex trading for make fast trading at 15 min or higher (suitable for maringale money management ). The strategy is simple but very effective.

Indicators setting:

Awesome default setting.

LWMA 7 period close.

Exponential moving Average 18 period, close.

Simple moving Average 25 period close.

Trading Rules Maringale Awesome Strategy


LWMA crosses upward the 18 EMA and 25 SMA.

Awesome turn positive and close above zero.

Entry long at open of the next bar.


LWMA crosses downward the 18 EMA and 25 SMA.

Awesome turn negative and close below zero.

Entry short at open of the next bar.

Exit position fast fixed profit target that depends by time frame and pair.

Initial stop loss at the previous swing.

Martingale progression multiplier from 1.5 at Max 2.5.

I recommend using the martingale with Multiplier 2 or 2.5 only on a daily time frame.

On lower time frames 15 min or 30 min you can also use this sequence: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.


This is a fast trend following strategy so it generates less psychological stress.

In the pictures Martingale Awesome Strategy in action

Maringale Strategy with Awesome
Maringale Strategy with Awesome
Maringale Strategy with Awesome
Maringale Strategy with Awesome
Maringale Strategy with Awesome
Maringale Strategy with Awesome
Maringale Strategy with Awesome
Maringale Strategy with Awesome
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