432# Cobra 1 min scalping

Trading with pullback


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Cobra 1 min scalping is trend following strategy based on the pullback action.


Time Frame 1 min

Currency pairs EUR/USD, GBP/USD.


The market is best to trade during the first few hours of a sessions open.

So, for each session, that would be the first few hours (3 to 5 hours) of:

London, New York.


To do this you need to place three moving averages onto your chart:

- A 34 Exponential Moving Average of the Close

- A 34 Exponential Moving Average of the High

- A 34 Exponential Moving Average of the Low


Rules for Cobra 1 min scalping

When the channel is below EMA 200 only Sell.

When the channel is above EMA 200 only Buy.

When price is above the MAs (Moving Averages channel) we are only looking to

buy as price comes back to the Mas (channel).

(…and when price is below the Mas channel, we are only looking to sell when price

comes back to the Mas channel).

What we’re looking for when price pulls back to the MAs is for it to hold

and then show that it is going to continue.

When the price is between the channel and the moving average long-term non-trade.



Some of you may ask, “how far does price have to pull back?”...

There are no hard rules for this – but generally around the middle of the

tunnel” of the moving average

We look for this continuation signal in terms of a strong, momentum-

driven bar.


in the chart you can see that there are a load of sellers coming

back into the market (long, red bearish candle) after this pullback – this is

the candle that triggers you to sell

Cobra 1 min Scalping
Cobra 1 min Scalping
Cobra 1 min scalping- Flat example
Cobra 1 min scalping- Flat example
Cobra 1 mi scalping
Cobra 1 mi scalping


Now – that’s really all there is to this system:

1) – Wait for pullback

2) – Enter when momentum comes into market

3) – Exit when momentum slows (or you’re not in profit within a

minute or two)


Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy


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    helmut (Thursday, 05 June 2014 16:41)

    Hi Ermete , thank's for your good system.
    Please , what is the TakeProfit value ? Also , can I trade GBP/JPY ?
    Thank for answers .

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    hemut (Tuesday, 17 June 2014 15:38)

    Hi Ermete , no answer ?
    Thank you

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    helmut (Saturday, 12 July 2014 11:44)

    administrators , please , allow this message :
    Hi Ermete , no news about this nice system ?
    Take profit ? Other news ?
    Thanks !

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