168# Impulse Trading

Dimensional trading

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Impulse trading is a technique based on an indicator of pulses for the trade.

Impulse indicator can be interpreted in multiple ways.

I will post more ways of using impulse indicator. The first way that I propose to use in trading is with 123 patterns indicator.

This technique is suitable to the scalping that for trading binary options high / low.

Expiry time 4-6 candles.

Time Frame 5 min or higher

Currency pairs:any.

Metatrader Indicators:

Impulse Indicator (level 20).

123 patterns

Trading rules Impulse Trading

For a conservative trading they take into consideration the signals that come from higher impulses to 20 level.

Impulse with green bar is for buy.

Impulse with red bar is for sell.


when a green arrow appears to wait for a buy signal pattern 123.


when a green arrow appears to wait for a buy signal pattern 123.

Exit position with predetermined profit target.

In the pictures impulse trading in action.

Impulse Trading
Impulse Trading
Impulse Trading
Impulse Trading.rar
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Impulse Trading
Impulse Trading

Update with Cycle bar indicator, this indicator is more stable and do not repaint.


This indicator is translate from Easy language (Tradestation) at the Mql4.


Cycle bar indicator
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Cycle Bar Indicator
Cycle Bar Indicator
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