281# GFK Forex

White Tiger Trader

Trend Following Breakout Trading System

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GFK Forex is a trading system for scalping and Binary Options High/low but this strategy is also good for trading at all time frame. The GFK forex is based first all on the indicators created by White Tiger Trader as indicator of support and resistance MTF, the trend indicator WT High Low MTF. The purpose of this strategy is to enter into trend when at least 3 indicators are in agreement.

Time frame 1 min or higher (for forex trading).

 Time frame 1 min for Binary options high/low and expiry time 10 candles. This is a discretionary strategy.

Metatrader 4 indicators:

3 Z Semafor (12, 34, 69, 5.3, 5.3, 5.3);

Zig Zag 12, 5, 3;

WT SR MTF 2.3.

WT High Low H1-.

RSI divergence Regular (6 -85-25) with GFK forex green line buy, red line sell;

ADX 14 period, close.

W.A. Explosion (150, 30, 15, 15) green bar buy. red bar sell.


Trading Rules GFK Forex

Buy or Call

RSI above GFK forex.

GFK forex green line.

ADX green line.

W.A. Explosiaon green bar.

WT High/low below the candles.

Place initial stop loss at the previous swing low.

Make profit with ratio stop loss 1.12, at the level of resistance or when GFK forex changes color from green to red.


Sell or Put

RSI below GFK forex.

GFK forex red line.

ADX red line.

W.A. Explosion red bar.

WT High/low above the candles.

Make profit with ratio stop loss 1.12, at the level of support or when GFK forex changes color from red to green.

In the pictures GFK Forex in action.

GFK Forex
GFK Forex
GFK Forex
GFK Forex
GFK Forex
GFK Forex
GFK Forex
GFK Forex
GFK Forex
GFK Forex
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