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Binary Holy Grail modified

Submit by Marco 07/2017

Binary Holy Grail is a trend strategy based on polynomial fuction.

Pairs: any

Time Frame 5 min.

Expiry time 30 min.


Trading session: London and New York.

Metatrader Indicators:

Holy candle,

Holy channel period 200, regression degree 4,

Holy signal period 7.

Trading rules

Wait holy signal dot after look holy signal channel.

Buy (Call)

Yellow dot, the price should be in lower red zone.

Sell (Put)

Yellow dot, the price should be in upper red zone.

If the price is not in the red zone - do not trade! Also do not trade if the price is in the red but you do not have a yellow dot.

Trades Example

Well, now I will show you different types of trades that I took with the system.



Binary Holy Grail Strategy
Binary Holy Grail Strategy


We have a yellow dot and the candle is in the red zone. We enter the trade with the open of the next candle for 30 minutes. As you see we have won the trade.


As you can see we had several more trading opportunities after that entry but I did not trade ones because the price was not in the red. You can still trade and win these signals but I recommend you waiting for high probability setups when our entry criteria are met.


Binary Holy Grail Strategy
Binary Holy Grail Strategy

Ok. This is an example of a pullback trade. As you see we are in the downtrend now. The price goes in the red zone and we have a yellow dot. I entered the trade at the open of the candle with the word


ENTRY. The yellow dot was under the candle before my entry candle but then it repainted as the price went lower by forming a lower low (that candle with yellow dot). So my actual entry candle is underlined with the small black line. As you see this was a winning pullback signal.


Binary Holy Grail Strategy
Binary Holy Grail Strategy

Please look to the left of the screenshot. Do you see the upward movement? Ok. Once it is done the price went to consolidation. In other words it started ranging. Then our HolyChannel indicator showed us a possibility of continuation of the previous upward movement by turning the channel upwards. I marked my entry with the ENTRY word to the right of the screenshot. We have a yellow dot, the price is in the red.

We enter at the beginning of the next candle. By the way it was a winning signal.


I want to show you one more very interesting type of trade. I call it a trend flow trade. In simple words you trade with the trend.

Binary Holy Grail Strategy
Binary Holy Grail Strategy

So this is the same screenshot with the pullback trade. But please look above. Do you see the letters TF?

These are trend flow trades. As for this type of trades we may ignore the yellow dots. All we need is just to make sure that the price is in the red zone. So when our HolyChannel indicator shows us the downward movement all we need is to wait when the price gets into the red zone like on the screenshot above and then we open a trade with the trend direction. These are very powerful trades. I like trading

ones so much. They say trend is your friend. I fully agree with this famous statement.


Please note! When we are in the trend it is still better to trade in the direction of the trend than taking pullback trades as the trend flow trades are of higher accuracy.

This strategy is based on recalculating indicators. To have more stability I added wave trend.


Yellow dot in lower red zone.

Trend Wave crosses upward.


Yellow dot in upper red zone.

Trend Wave crosses downward.

Exipiry time 4-5 candles.

Setting Trend Wave (9-18).

You can use this strategy also for scalping.

Binary Holy Grail Strategy
Binary Holy Grail Strategy
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    Marco (Wednesday, 05 July 2017 11:18)

    This is a price action system based on a mathematical function that recalculates.
    Follow the rules.

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    Wendell (Monday, 03 July 2017 16:32)

    Indicator repaint

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