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Mosca Arrow complex indicator

Momentum Strategy For Binary and Forex Trading

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Mosca Arrow is a complex arrow for trading with binary Options High/low, Forex and Cryptocurrency (from thime frame H1 or H4).

The Mosca Arrow is composed by following indicators:


Gann 10 period, MA 3, MACD (5, 13), RSI (10 period, 50 level), Bollinger Bands (10, 2.0), there is also the possibility of inserting two filters and when the arrow must appear on the candle. For example, in the 1 minute time frame I inserted that the arrow must appear after 3 seconds that the candle has formed.

This arrow can be used for all time frames.

Currency pairs for binary major

Currency pairs for forex time frame 15 min, 30 min, only major for time frame 60 min or higher any.

Metatrader 4 indicators

MACD (12, 26, 9).

Mosca Arrow.

Bollinger Bands (20, 2.0)

3 moving average, close.

10 moving average, close.

Trading rules Mosca Arrow Binary Strategy 1 min time frame


Buy arrow

Price condition (3MA >10MA and midldle band of Bollinger Bands), MACD positive or about to cross zero upward.


Sell arrow

Price condition (3MA <10MA and midldle band of Bollinger Bands), MACD ponegative or about to cross zero downward.

note aggressive trading you can place the order when the arrow appears and go on the deadline of less than 60 seconds.

At the time frame of 5 min and 60 min you can impose the condition of making the arrow appear on the candle respectively 15 seconds after and 1 min after (and eventually enter on the price retracement). (This is the essence of this strategy.)

By back-testing the indicator, (with the established condition) you can understand how it works for binary trading.

Forex Trading rules


Mosca buy arrow.

3 MA>10MA > Middle Band of BB

MACD>0 or MACD positive or about to cross zero upward.


Mosca sell arrow.

3 MA<10MA < Middle Band of BB

MACD<0 or MACD negative or about to cross zero downward.

For Forex Trading it is advisable not to enter if the candle with the arrow breaks the lower or upper bands. This condition is optional, so you can proceed to enter the price retracement.


In the pictures examples of trading.

Mosca Arrow
Mosca Arrow
Mosca Arrow
Mosca Arrow
Mosca Arrow
Mosca Arrow
Mosca Arrow
Mosca Arrow

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    Jorge (Tuesday, 18 February 2020 23:27)

    Going to download later at home. Does this indicator repaint? Nothing bad with it, just want to know if it recalculates

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