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System of differential equations for error correction.

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Masaniello is tool of Money Managemet for Betting, Binary Options, the author is preparing Masaniello tool for forex. The system is based on a system of differential equations for error correction.

Why use the Masaniello?

  Perhaps it will seem strange to you that you are about to read but know that using the Masaniello gives you the possibility of being able to profit by making half or even more of your series of predictions.

Masaniello, therefore, is a progression applied to bets or binary options as a succession of predictions played with a methodology that has the stake under control (the money to bet) and precisely the management of the entire sum of the capital you intend to play.

Masaniello, as already mentioned, you already know that there is a great possibility of being able to win equally even half or even more than your predictions. But how?

Essentially, Time plays a fundamental role here. I'll explain. When you prepared the plank you played games without worrying if the forecasts were at the same time or if they started at different times.

Playing a progression requires that you play the forecasts following a succession of schedules.


Basically with Masaniello you can lose 8 times, win 4 and go into profit.

How to Use the Masaniello?

 Now I'm going to show you how to do all this.


 I'll show you what the Masaniello looks like in the version I prefer, which is the software version that can be run with Windows:

1. Download the MM.exe Software from here (from folder below).


2. Run the file and click on File> New> Single. As in the figure.

Masaniello Money Management
Masaniello Money Management

3. Set as shown with the same parameters as the example I showed you earlier. That is:

Cash = the maximum amount of money you intend to invest, your capital, 100 Eur.

Events (Eventi) = number of predictions you intend to play, 10.

Expected (Attesi) = number of forecasts you think you will hit, 6. "Expected" is the number of events (trade) that we believe to win.

How many operations will our won be according to our forecasts? We cannot know it, so we will give an indicative evaluation.

Let's be careful, and in any case it doesn't matter if they don't come true, the program gives the possibility to "adjust the shot" if things don't go as planned.

Initial odds (Quote iniziali) = we are supposed to play all odds 2.00. This is very unlikely in reality, in fact I will soon show you how to differentiate the odds. In other words. Initial Quotas, The odds are nothing but the payout percentages on the amount invested that the broker recognizes on average, as they depend on both the chosen pair and the time.

If the payouts are around 80% on average, we enter the value 1.80.


Now click on the Start button.( Avvia)

Masaniello Money Management
Masaniello Money Management

4. Now you will find yourself in front of this screen:

Masaniello money management
Masaniello money management

Look good, the total yield is the gain you will get when you win the 6 games you set to win.

In this case it is 2.65, meaning that your Earnings will be 165%.

The calculation is very simple, it is enough to Multiply the X 100 dimension and subtract 100.


Earnings% = (2.65 x 100) - 100 = 165%


5. Use differentiated quotas:

Open the software again as I showed you before:

File> New> Single

Or if you have already opened one, click on the Reset button and start a new one.


So set the masaniello as in the image and click on the Start button (Avvia):

Masaniello money management
Masaniello money management

Note (example)

For binary options profit is 80% to write 1.80.


See video below hoe to apply Masaniello at Binary Options.











LINK for download SOFTWARE MASANIELLO: Masaniello per PC: https://docs.zoho.eu/file/mcqjj706cc9... Masaniello per Iphone (app): https://itunes.apple.com/it/app/obiet... Masaniello per Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de...



Massimo Mondò the creator of the Masaniello in 2002.

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    Sivaraman (Sunday, 30 April 2023 13:33)

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    when i enter 1.87 in percentage box the result is like "927904802.377217". But it only works on round numbers like 2. can you suggest me any solution. i am using windows vista.

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    Massimo Monò the creator of the Masaniello Money Management is Genius!!!!

Money Management Masaniello
Money Management Masaniello
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