266# PRO ITM Miner with RSX

Fast RSX as filter

Momentum Binary Strategy

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Pro ITM Miner with RSX is a momentum strategy for trading on binary options high / low and for forex scalping. I found this indicator shared freely online but I had doubts about the instructions and how to use it so I thought about how to make it more easily accessible for trading. First of all it must be said that PRO ITM Miner can generate the signal at any time during the formation of a bar and the signal can be positioned on the previous bar, so to confirm a signal you always have to wait for the bar to close and filter the bar with RSX where the signal is positioned.

As a filter I chose RSX very fast because it is very responsive to identify short trends, so it is suitable for filtering an indicator that is not so simple as ITM PRO Miner.


Time Frame 15 min.

Currency pairs: any.

Expiry time: 10-15 min.


Metatrader 4 Indicators:

Pro ITM Miner (default setting).

RSX (period 2).

BK clock.


Trading rules Pro ITM with RSX


Pro ITM Miner Buy arrow.

RSX blue bar on the same bar of the arrow buy of the PRO ITM Miner.



Pro ITM Miner Sell arrow.

RSX magenta bar on the same bar of the arrow sell of the PRO ITM Miner.



As for scalping with this system I suggest having fast profits and closing the position anyway when the opposite arrow appears. The initial stop loss to insert 2-3 pips below or above the candle with the signal.

In the pictures PRO ITM Miner with RSX with RSX.

PRO ITM Miner with RSX
PRO ITM Miner with RSX
PRO ITM Miner with RSX
PRO ITM Miner with RSX
PRO ITM Miner with RSX
PRO ITM Miner with RSX

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    Osas (Saturday, 15 August 2020 14:57)

    Thanks sir

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    Cladi (Tuesday, 30 July 2019 08:32)

    Pro ITM arrow it is ADX cross setting 21.

PRO ITM Miner with RSX
PRO ITM Miner with RSX
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