23# Breakout Sqaulou Trading System

Dynamic Breakout

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Time Frame:H1.

Currency Pairs:all.


Squalou default settings (4,60,30)

+ Breakout candle should be wholly in one half of the CZ (top half for long, bottom for short)
+ Candle should move 5 pips beyond the CZ before entry (to minimise impact of fake breakouts)
+ Enter when market moves 5 pips beyond CZ (inital stop loss = middle of the CZ zone, so on a 30pip CZ box SL=5+15=20 pips -- this also means if you follow entry rule 1 it is below the low of the candle). 

Trading Pattern: (gradually sizing out)
+ First TP at +10 pips (+15 from CZ), close half of your position, move SL to the edge of the CZ (at this point you will have locked in +5 pips profit)
+ Second TP (close your remaining position) at +20 pips (+25 from CZ) OR when a second CZ forms

You're out within 25 pips of the CZ which based on the average Buy/Sells from Squallou's indicator looks just inside the average... so you can probably squeeze out more profit if you're game.


In the pictures below Breakout Sqaulou Trading System in action.


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Trading System: is based on the Squalou incator.
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