80# Chuvashov Breakout System

Trenline Breakout

Find the best breakout on all pairs and time frame

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Chuvashov Breakout system is an trendline strategy for trading in financial market.


The main feature of this trading system is to find the best breakout levels with an advanced technique that uses the trendlines, these levels then have value until the system generates new levels. To facilitate the search for levels for aggressive trading I have included a tool to move on all the main graphs and time frames that also provides an indication of the relative strength of the currencies. In addition, I added two long-term moving averages for those who want to use the system at 1 min and 5 min as a filter, so moving averages can be eliminated from the 15-minute time frame above.

This trading system is adapted to be used to make dynamic edging, change the purchase and sales box as the system provides new values. This is a complete system, a safe guide for those who like to do breakout trading and maybe even with edging. The technique that is used by the indicator author is successful

 to find important breakout levels on the chart that provide very reliable trading signals. This trading tool can be profitable if used well after a demo account training period.


Time frame 1 min or higher bur rexccommended 15 min or higher.

Financial market: all.


Metatrader 4 indicators:

Chuvashov Breakout default setting.

Chart Button

Tool to simplify the life of the trader. This indicator contains the buttons to move from one chart to another on different time frames with included relative strength indicator that allows you to see weak and strong currencies that allows you to help search for currency breakouts and time frames.


Trading Rules Chuvashov Breakout System

When the box is formed, follow the buy or sell indications that are provided on the chart, if the box is antecedent to draw continuous horizontal lines on the box because the box has value until a new one is formed. Profit target ratio 1: 1 stop loss. The stop loss provides the system on the chart. Look at the examples.


If the first order fails to open one in the opposite direction with a double quantity of lots or with a lower multiplier for example 1.4, 1.5 and so on. Multiplier 2 profit range target in pips ranges from half the stop to stop (example stop 20 pips range target profit from 11 to 20 pips) in relation to the objectives of the trader.

The profit target varies according to the multiplier used while the stop loss remains constant, until a new box is formed if the position cycle has not closed.

Use pending orders at the levels provided by the Chuvashov Breakout strategy.

Tip: do not trade on very large boxes in relation to the time frame.


It is also advisable to use robots that manage the position and always observe the slope of the trenlines with the direction of the breakout.

In the pictures Chuvashov Breakout strategy in action.

Chuvashov Breakout System
Chuvashov Breakout System
Chuvashov Breakout System
Chuvashov Breakout System
Chuvashov Breakout System
Chuvashov Breakout System
Chuvashov Breakout System
Chuvashov Breakout System
Chuvashov Breakout System
Chuvashov Breakout System
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    shingeki no (Saturday, 14 September 2019 21:45)

    OMD......how effective is this!!! you can even search this manully with fractals!! thanks

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