91# Money Makers Pro Trading System

Fractal breakout  with 1-2-3 pattern

Aggressive Setup Breakout Trading

By Alexander


Money Makers Pro Trading System is a fractal breakout strategy filtered but at the same time is also 1-2-3 pattern strategy but filtered by fractal breakout direction. The result of this trading experiment is a cyclic trading system with market entry timing based 1-2-3 breakout pattern.

This very interesting and very aggressive trading idea can then be easily managed by different types of money management.

Setup strategy

Time Frame 15 min or higher.

Currency pairs: any.

Money Management: all.

Metatrader 4 Indicators:

ZZ semafor (default setting).

Fractal period 25 (high period 3-low period 2).

Custom indicator,

Panel trend mini dashboard.

1-2-3pattern V.6 (updated).

Trading rules Money Makers Pro Trading System

Trades only in the direction of the fractal arrow.



Buy arrow of the fractal indicator

Re-entry buy arrow of the 1-2-3- pattern



Sell arrow of the fractal indicator

Re-entry Sell arrow of the 1-2-3- pattern.

Note: Max two re-entry in the same direction. The double entry technique can be applied to this strategy.

Trading only with the first arrow (the fractal), the Martingala with Max multiplier 1.65 is also used as money management.

Exit position

Place initial stop loss 3-10 pips above/below the previous swing high/low depends by pairs and time frame. If the position goes up, move the stop loss above / below the next fractal.

Profit target ratio stop loss 1:1.12. If you use a quick profit the profitability is very high. On the fractal arrow the profit can be higher.


Examples of trades. 

Money Makers Pro Trading System
Money Makers Pro Trading System
Money Makers Pro Trading System
Money Makers Pro Trading System
Money Makers Pro Trading System
Money Makers Pro Trading System

Examples of trades only first arrow

Money Makers Pro Trading System
Money Makers Pro Trading System
Money Makers Pro Trading System
Money Makers Pro Trading System

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/freeforexresources

More examples in the video.

Money Makers Pro Trading System
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