86# Trend Plus Breakout

London Breakout System

Hans breakout V.2

Submit by Lorenz


Trend Plus Breakout is a London Brakout system similar to Hans Breakout for extension of the box size. The box size is formed from 6 to 9 GMT Berlin. The trading system is then provided with other trend-momentum indicators that help to interpret the breakout. In fact, you enter the position when all three indicators agree with the direction of the Breakout.

Recommended time frame 15 min.


Currency pairs: EUR / USD, GBP / USD, EUR / JPY.

Metatrader 4 Indicators


Trend Plus Zone ( box size 6:00 -9:00) GMT Berlin

Trend High (period 36, volume factor (0.32).

Trend medium (period 36, volume factor (0.72).

Trend Low (period 36, volume factor (0.72).

Trend Plus NR (period 14).

Trend plus supertrend (10, 1,7).


Trend Plus Breakout


Price above line look buy.

Price above trend plus, Medium and high.

Trend plus NR green bar.

Trend Plus Super trend green bar.



Price below line look buy.

Price below trend plus, Medium and low.

Trend plus NR red bar.

Trend Plus Super trend red bar.


Exit position

Place initial stop loss 18-25 pips depends by currency pairs.


Profit Target minimum ratio 1.4 stop loss.

In the pictures Trend Plus Breakout in action

Trend Plus Breakout
Trend Plus Breakout
Trend Plus Breakout
Trend Plus Breakout
Trend Plus Breakout
Trend Plus Breakout

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Trend Plus Breakout
Trend Plus Breakout
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