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Momentum breakout

Price action momentum trading

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S&P Trading System is momentum breakout strategy for intraday trading and for binary options high/low.

Time frame 5 min.

Currency pairs: majors and Indices.


Expiry time for binary options high/low 4-5 candles.

Forex Indicator

Slow stochastic (5, 5,5) close.


System is designed to trade once a day, over the noon hour EST. (I have added a 2nd trade alternative if the first is a quick loser….). Very Simple, can be traded in 10-20 min total per day. Also works with the DJ, so pick whichever one has the best expiry, (closest to 1pm… 1:15 at latest, you don’t want the postlunch hour trading to resume…. ) The concept is to catch the last batch of trading that happens before lunch, with an expiry before everybody returns and starts trading again. BASIC SYSTEM: Look for an expiration time from 12:30pm to 1:00 pm EST, which would be during the lunch hour. Start drawing trendlines about 65 min before the expiration. The ideal setup is to draw descending and ascending trendlines (from bottom and top peaks), that converge, or “pinch” early into the trade zone. (one hour before expiry to expiry. A 12:45pm EST expiry trades from 11:45 to about 12:35pm, depending on your broker.) Enter at BREAK of either trendline, IF the break happens after the start of the time window. In the example above, trade a break AFTER 11:45pm. If the break happens before, skip the trade. If another high or low gets formed before the time window, redraw that line as see if there is a trade opportunity. (Note: these examples aren’t the greatest, but they show the system from the past few days. Not everything is picture perfect!) The following example shows a typical “pinch” setup. The first trade is a loss that happens quickly. ADDED: If you hit a loss pretty quickly, you can either ride it out to the end of the option and see if it comes back, or you can sell the option back at reduced loss, and take the opposite break. This is also shown on the first example. Please note that the re-entry concept is NOT part of the formal Banker11 system. ALSO: the Stoch confirmation is not strictly part of Banker11, although he says you can use a confirming indicator if you want. 

S&P Trading System
S&P Trading System

NOTE: some trends will not allow a valid trendline on one side or another. In this case, (see below), you only have one direction to trade. 

S&P Trading System
S&P Trading System
S&P Trading System
S&P Trading System

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