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Box Breakout Trading

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The Forex Breakout System can be traded manually.

The Breakout Trading System


To understand why breakout trading works, you’ll need to understand what signaling is, and why it developed.

Signaling Times

The point to these signals is that they are not fixed and formulae based. (If they were, it would exactlybe covert communications would it?), but there is enough communication so that reliable informationcan be gathered and used to make a decision.These signal times are the pre-market hours; the hours before the major markets open. They providethe information about the direction the market is going to take, and when that direction will bedecided.

This information will help you to follow the market makers. Remember the Forex market is a $3 TrillionDollar a Day market – your trading isn’t going to affect the market (unless you work for a bank!) This will illustrate it more – this is generated by the “FBS Breakout” indicator.

The solid green box shows the pre-market times, and the high and low values reached during

that time: the signaling

The extension to the box shows the rest of the trading day.

The blue line is the Bid line (normally you would have candles, but this is done for clarity)


Quite simply, when the signaling range is breached, follow the market

FBS Breakout Trading System
FBS Breakout Trading System

The Trading Day around the World

These signaling times occur at least 3 times during the trading day: The Asia/Tokyo market open The London market open and the New York market open.

Market Pre-Open Time Market Time

Asia 22:00 – 01:00 00:00 – 09:00

London 04:00 – 08:00 08:00 – 17:00

NY 10:00 – 14:00 13:00 – 22:00

all times are GMT

Initial Stop Loss settings

You can have either a fixed stop loss, or it can place the stops on the opposite side of the signal range. See note 4 and the examples for more about this.

The default is to use the Opposite side, and if this is true, it will override the fixed pip setting.

Trailing Stop loss

This is only activated when the trade is in profit by at least the size specified here. This is a ratchet type stop loss adjustment, and is only adjusted in the direction of the trade

Take Profit Pips

This is a fixed pip Take profit setting


Default is zero as we believe that is can reduce the profitability, but remember, nobody ever went broke by taking profits. See the examples and note 6 and note 8

This picture is of a single box with no offset pips.

FBS Breakout Forex System
FBS Breakout Forex System

Example of a range box with offset pips of15.

FBS Breakout Forex System
FBS Breakout Forex System

Example of two range boxes.

FBS Breakout Forex System
FBS Breakout Forex System

The settings used to get the results shown on the statement on the website we achieved those results using only GBP/USD between 4am GMT and 8am GMT with a 40 Trailing Stop Loss and a 40 Take Profit.


The purpose of this indicator is to give you the tools to be able to do your own back testing to find highly profitable ranges.

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