51# Exponential Moving Average Fractal system

Fractal Brakout Trading System

Submit by James 15/04/2013

This is a basic system that require a break of a fractal for trend direction entries and exits are based when moving average touches 5 EMA Low for buys and 5 EMA High for shorts.


Time Frame 15 min, 30 min, 60 min,.

Currency pairs any;

Trade starting times and stop trading time (Start Trading 9:00 GMT Stop Trading 22:00 GMT)



5 EMA (exponential moving average High);

5 EMA (exponential moving average Low);

60 Smoothed moving average;

I-Paramon Work Time;

Fractal Indicator.





Up Fractal taken out (Broken)

Buy when Price touches 5 EMA Low

Exit when price touches 5 EMA High




Down Fractal Taken out (Broken)

Sell when Price touches 5 EMA High (Sell Limit at 5 EMA High)

Exit When Price Touches 5 EMA Low (Buy Limit at 5 EMA Low)



Only take buys Trades when prices are above 60 EMA, Reverse for Shorts (Selectable)



1, Ability to select any time frame for system

2, Cross Time Frame Trading (Example select H1 Fractals, Take buys and sells on H30)

Money Management

Percentage_Risk 3%

Stop Loss .1%

Profits take 100 Pips (Ability to turn on or off)

In the pictures example 15 min time frame 


Forex System: fractal breakout

fractal breakout
fractal breakout
Fractal breakout
Fractal breakout

Fractal Breakout


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    vvFish (Thursday, 12 September 2013 04:06)

    very good

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    Mitch (Friday, 21 March 2014 01:04)

    Works great!!!Thank you,

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    ZonaSocial (Thursday, 29 October 2020 11:02)

    One of the Best Simplest Working Systems. Thank you

fractal breakout
Forex System: fractal breakout
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