82# Autotrendline Breakout

Simple Breakout Trendlines filtered by MACD Oscillator

MACD 2 Lines with logic trendlines

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Auto Trendline Breakout is an simple method for trading with breaks of lines of tendency. These breaks are filtered by the intersection of the MACD lines, furthermore the trendlines can be used as a continuation of the trend, and, you enter buy or sell when the MACD crosses in the same direction as the trendline inclination.

This trading indicator automatically draws support  and resistance trend lines on the 
MT4 charts. So, it will be very easy for forex traders to identify and trade any market
breakouts or continuation trend.
Time Frame 15 min or higher. At 5 min or 1 min there is too much noise to use this
Currency pairs: any. Indicators Metatrader 4 Trendlines indicator defaul setting. MACD 2 Lines (12, 36, 9). Symblol Changer. Trading Rules Autotrendlines Breakout Buy Trendline buy arrow below the candle. MACD crosses upward, Histogram green bar. Continuation tendency Trendline below the candle pointing upward. Enter buy when the MACD linescrosses upward. Sell Trendline sell arrow above the candle. MACD crosses downward, Histogram red bar. Continuation tendency Trendline below the candle pointing downward. Enter sell when the MACD linescrosses upward.
In the pictures Autotrendline Breakout in action.
Autotrendline Breakout
Autotrendline Breakout
Autotrendline Breakout
Autotrendline Breakout
Autotrendline Breakout
Autotrendline Breakout
Autotrendline Breakout
Autotrendline Breakout
Autotrendline Breakout
Autotrendline Breakout
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    Thank you

Autotrendline Breakout
Autotrendline Breakout
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