127# Forex Scalper Trading system


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M1 Timeframe

Currency pairs: Majors



HMA color rnp (180)



It is the signal when both indicators are of the same color. Please take an action as

soon as you see both of them of the same color – do not wait for a sound alert or any

pop-up messages. There are no such alerts.

 Scalping is the quickest type of trading,

there is no place for the time-consuming alerts, you must follow the price and react.

HMA RNP may change its color often, that’s why please make sure that

filter is also of the same color before placing the order. Commonly, filter

filters out most of the false signals.

Forex Scalper Templete
forex scalper.rar
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Long Entry

When both HMA RNP and filter become blue, open Buy Order .




Short Entry

When both HMA RNP and filter become red, open Sell Order.



Metatrader IndicatorHMA color rnp
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Forex Filter Indicator
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Exit Position

When HMA RNP changes its color – it is the signal for closing an order. Once it

has changed the color, close the current order and wait.



If after it ultra_filter also changes the color, open a new order in the opposite to the previous order direction.

If ufilter remains of the same color and doesn’t change it, wait for

HMA RNP to return back to the previous same color so they matched again and

place the order in the same direction as the previous one



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