35 #Price Action Fractal Scalping Trading System

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Time Frame:5min



Metatrader Indicators:


6EMA, 12EMA, 34EMA


Long Entry:

6EMA is higher than 12ema which is higher than 34ema;

The Up Fractal need to form above the EMAs for LONG;

We open a buy trade when the price is higher than the Up Fractal by 2 pips as shown in the following picture.


Short Entry:

6ema is less than 12ema which is less than 34ema;

The Down Fractal needs to form below the EMAs for SHORT ;

We open a short trade when the price is lower than the Down Fractal by 2 pips.



The trade will exit by itself after we set the stoploss just below the previous up fractal for short trades or just below the down fractal for a long trade. The takeprofit :6 pips AUD/USD, 8 pips EUR/USD, 10/pips GBP/USD.



In the picture below an example of how works the strategy.

Price Action Fractal Scalping Trading System
Price Action Fractal Scalping Trading System
Price Action Fractal Scalping Trading System
Price Action Fractal Scalping Trading System

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Comments: 9
  • #1

    RASITO RASITO (Sunday, 08 July 2012 20:27)

    very simple but powerfull thanks for Forexstrategiesresources. rasito (indonesia raya)

  • #2

    RASITO RASITO (Sunday, 08 July 2012 21:07)

    please tell set SL for GU, EU & AU. tx

  • #3

    krishna bhattarai (Wednesday, 31 October 2012 06:06)

    this is nice strategy. can we use this in other time frames also as well as in commodity trading.plz reply.-krishnazee061@gmail.com

  • #4

    sajjad (Wednesday, 06 March 2013 18:30)

    Great concept, thanks for sharing
    please elaboarte further for EURUSD

  • #5

    swapnil (Saturday, 02 November 2013 10:27)


  • #6

    luke (Friday, 18 April 2014)

    Im trying to make EA based on this strategy, looks very promissing !

  • #7

    Lau Mestrom (Friday, 20 February 2015 10:39)

    - how do you determine trend with this strategy? For instance 100EMA or 150EMA or 200EMA. I mean, the trend is your friend, alsways trade with the trend, never trade against the trade and so on. Or is determining trend not necessary with this strategy?
    - can this strategy work for futures contracts? I am now testing it but not conclusive yet.
    - on my platform I don't have fractals indicator. In my testing I determine the entry as follows: when long entry, 6EMA above 12EMA, 12EMA above 34EMA, wait for candle that opens ánd closes above the 6EMA. Enter trade on the following candle, but only if opening is above 6EMA
    - any preferances as to using candlesticks or the bars as in the printscreen above?
    - any advise on other scalping strategy on futures contracts?
    - any advise and/or preferences as to the timeframe? I am now testing on 5m timeframe. With another strategy went back to 1m timeframe. But that is very choppy and nervwrecking

  • #8

    Andrew (Tuesday, 29 March 2016 15:16)

    somebody can tell me an ITM rate with this strategy?

  • #9

    hassan (Friday, 21 May 2021 13:22)

    tanx. This is a system powerful. I tested on demo manualy.very good

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