115# Aurora FX Indicator MT4

Aurora Fx Indicator computes the trend indicator by levels of PS, the ratio of short / long and indicates the trend zone from which delivers the signals.

Aurora FX Indicator MT4
Aurora FX Indicator MT4

In addition, the indicator distribute according to their strength areas.

Aurora FX Indicator MT4
Aurora FX Indicator MT4

 • Circle - zone is at an important level round

Square - through a pivot point level are

Triangle - the level is in the extreme zone of fracture trend


The indicator takes the signals during the preceding re-retest swing area

Aurora FX Indicator MT4
Aurora FX Indicator MT4

When entering into a transaction you need to follow the following rules and recommendations

Do not enter a trade:

During opening and closing of trading sessions (just 10 minutes before and


Just refrain from trading on the closing / opening hours

Particular attention is paid to the first Monday of the month and on the last Friday


Do not enter if the candle has too long shadows and small body

If the values are not included in the table exceed a value of 5

Do not enter if the right of the level there is not any value

Do not enter if the level was breached

News, including strong (2.3 heads) go around on your own, there is no clear rule,

as they were blamed for the string of profitable signals, then no longer has influence

on what day of the news. If Monday / Friday then it is better to miss these days.

Trading recommendations:

Necessarily refer to suppositories which form the signal is greater than the

body and the smaller the shadow, the higher quality signal

The more to the right of the level values the higher the chance mining signal


(see. About settings:

Aurora FX Indicator MT4
Aurora FX Indicator MT4

 • If the levels are lined up evenly on the similarity of the stairs it also increases the

chance of success

If you receive a signal from a level, the next signal from the zone better to


The higher znachanie in the table, so much the worse for us (trend burns)

Better to trade on the M5 or M30 timeframe

Do not trade on Friday as well as the last days of the month

Thus the approach to the analysis signal structurally: candle-power-level

construction levels and do not forget about a fundamental analysis.

It is not necessary for each indicator signal to rearigovat as a recommendation of last

resort. So no one sells, even if you have 100% grail so don't. Not to hurry up,

the market will be tomorrow.

indicator settings

Signal strength: 0 - the signal will be on the level, even if the right of it will be there

no public values, 1 - signal will be on the level if the right of the level there is at least

one value, 2 - signal will be on the level if the right is a minimum of two values from

it, 3 - signal will have the right level if all three values from it

Displacement of characters: using the indicator with the system Agatha values of

two of these indicators may be superimposed on each other so that it did not

increase the indentation on the right marks the level of the Aurora indicator

Filter on / off: for oscillator filter

Color levels: the color levels of the SS

Border Color of the level: when the signal level is framed by a frame, so that even if

it is removed, you know what level was the frame color you specify here

Other settings are understandable and review them here does not make sense.


Settings are best to use the default!

Aurora FX Indicator MT4
Aurora FX Indicator MT4
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