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New YMS Scalper Template is building a new template to better interpret YMS Scalper indicator. The interpretation I have given is twofold for low time frames 5-15 30 it is better to filter the signals with the Volty Chnnel Stop which also acts as a maximum stop loss level. For time frames from h1 to 240, however, I propose to filter the signals of the YMS indicator with the signal breakout, a trend reversal indicator which redraws however on high time frames it is reliable, however in a conservative way you can still use the Volty Channel Stop.


The profitability verified with this new template is high on average around 65%. -70% so you can also use aggressive money management but not the martingale.

New YMS Scalper Template
New YMS Scalper Template

Trading Rules

Time frame 5 minutes or longer.

Currency pairs: any.

Metatrader 4 indicators

YMS Scalper

Breakout signal default setting

Volty Channel Stop Jurick (default setting

Symbol Changer.

Trading Rules


YMS Scalper Buy Signal

Breakout Buy Arrow or Volty Channel below the candles.


YMS Scalper Sell Signal


Breakout Sell Arrow or Volty Channel above the candles.

New YMS Scalper Template
New YMS Scalper Template
New YMS Scalper Template
New YMS Scalper Template

Exit position

Profit target Ratio stop loss 0.8 to 1:1.2.

Place initial stop loss below/above the previous swing high/low or below/above the volty channel.


This new template for this YMS Scalper is very effective.

My advice is to use quick profits.

This is a winning strategy.


Happy trading

 New YMS Scalper Template
New YMS Scalper Template
New YMS Scalper Template
New YMS Scalper Template
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    oi obrigado

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