147# Trading System, Absolute Strenght Scalping

Absolute Strenght Scalping with Ema and MACD

Submit by Janus Trader Submit 04/12/2012 


Time Frame 1 min.

Currency pairs: majors.


9EMA, 21EMA, 50EMA,

Stochastic Cross alert,

Absolute Strenght,

MACD (default)



Entry Short:
1. MA 9 below the MA 21 and both of them has to be below MA 50
2. MACD down
3. After Stochastic cross Arrow ( down ) the brown Absolute.... indicator has to cross up.

1. MA 9 above the MA 21 and both of them has to be above MA 50
2. MACD up
3. After Stochastic cross Arrow ( up ) the blue Absolute.... indicator has to cross up.

10 pip Target Profit and the Stop Loss 5 pips below the entry candle.


In the pictures Absolute Strength Scalping in action.

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Templete absolute strength Trading System
Templete absolute strngth.rar
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    Praveen (Monday, 09 March 2020 09:59)

    Dear Team,

    Can you please le me know MT5 is not reading the indicator after updates i saw many videos but not able to make it read.

    can you please explain me
    Thanks and regards