140# ND10X Trading Strategy MT4

Trend Momentum Strategy

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The ND10X System is a sophisticated Forex trading methodology incorporating various indicators such as  MACD, Stochastic RSI, and custom ND10X indicators (S1, S2, S3). It provides comprehensive market summaries and offers features beneficial for both beginners and expert traders. The system's developers claim an estimated accuracy level of 59%.

ND10X Trading System
ND10X Trading System


Time Frames for Day Trading: 5-minute, 15-minute

Time Frames for Swing Trading: 30-minute, 1-hour (H1), 4-hour (H4)

Currency Pairs: Volatile pairs

Platform: MT4 (MetaTrader 4)

Indicators MT4

MACD (default setting)

RSI (Relative Strength Index)

Paint Bar

Swing Point Indicator

Stochastic Oscillator

Custom ND10X Indicators: S1, S2, S3


Signal Alerts: Receive alerts via email, mobile notifications, or platform pop-ups.

Versatility: Use on any Forex currency pair and other assets (stocks, commodities, cryptos, precious metals, oil, gas, etc.).

Templates: Dashboard, PhaseScanner, RiskDesk (note: these are EAs for analysis, not automated trading).

Fonts: Install required fonts for proper display of indicators.


For more information see the manual.

ND10X Trading System
ND10X Trading System
ND10X Trading System
ND10X Trading System