84# 1 min Scalping Price Action


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The rules are here :

To take SHORT position :
- Red arrow of the 
zig and zag indicator occur on top
PA (Price Action) must be below MA 34
- Short trend (up bar) and Long trend (down bar) of iGentorLSMAmust be red colour and in one line vertical

2. To take BUY position :
- Green arrow of the zig and zag indicator occur on bottom
PA (Price Action) must be above MA 34
- Short trend (up bar) and Long trend (down bar) of iGentorLSMAmust be green colour and in one line vertical

3. MA 100 just for make sure that the trend is fix

4. To exit position according to your target point or wait until appear :
- Green arrow of zig and zag if you enter SHORT/SELL
- Red arrow of zigandzag if you enter BUY/LONG 


5. You can place stop loss about max 30 point from your open position.

1 min scalping


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    shah (Tuesday, 27 November 2012 16:55)

    thanks alot!!

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    liyan (Thursday, 05 September 2013 12:40)

    profit system., thanks!!

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    when I put your indicator and template, nothing appears :/ impssible to use ...

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    it works for me

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