145# FX Prime Trading System

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This is a momentum forex system based on the indicators. 

Time Frame 1min

Currency Pairs: majors

Long Trade
CCI 170 Over the 0 Line showing uptrend MUST BE THE FIRST TO CROSS
CCI 34 Over 0 line as well showing uptrend MUST BE SECOND TO CROSS IN SAME DIRECTION
RSI over 55 <------ VERY IMPORTANT dont enter if its in between the 45-55 zone (45-55) IS DANGER DO NOT ENTER ZONE once it crosses in the same direction take the trade.

Short Trade
CCI 170 under 0 line showing down trend MUST CROSS FIRST
CCI 34 under 0 line showing down trend MUST CROSS SECOND
RSI under 45 same as above dont trade when in the 45-55 zone.


Example Trades


TRADE A (Short)


On trade A we see both the cci's are under 0 we also see that the Heiken Ashichanges color and we see that that line now becomes resistance also RSI is under the 45 we take the trade and exit when Heiken Ashi turns blue or CCI 34 is showing weakness and crosses back under the 0 line.


Trade B (Long)


Again another wonderful trade as we see its hitting the resistance line and is ready to go up. You see both CCIs are over 0 and rsi is over 55. We exit when ccigoes back under 0.

*** On the above chart there is one more signal that could of been traded after reading the rules try fo find it!!!*** would of given you another 15-20 pips! **


In the pictures FX Prime trading system in action.


Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

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FX Prime Trading System
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